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Data Protection Privacy Policy Ruling

Caring about the health and welfare of all my clients and customers is of paramount importance to me – Susanne Wiechert, Proprietor and Director of Energize ME Limited
(hereinafter referred to as Energize ME) – a company registered in England, with company number 10718796 and having its registered office at 84 Manor Way, Croxley Green, Rickmansworth, Herts WD3 3LY, England.

Please be assured that I am fully committed to protecting your privacy and provide the following notices, policies and processes, which have been implemented by me, to meet the requirements of the GDPR legislation effective 25th May 2018. 

Please also note that SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art (herein after referred to as SuzanA Art) whilst appearing like a separate entity, actually comes under the umbrella of Energize ME, as part and parcel of therapeutic art and energy therapy. 

This Privacy Policy may be updated from time to time, so it is recommended that you consult this policy regularly for any changes.

What information is being collected?

Energize ME

If you have contacted Energize ME via websites, email, telephone or social media for the purpose of coaching and training services, complementary health services or therapeutic art, I – Susanne Wiechert – will be collecting and keeping your name / email / telephone number and all relevant information required for the purposes of the service required and being given. 

Energize ME websites

Currently has no means of gathering data. It is being used as a forwarding service to the new domain, which operates with cookies (cookie pop-up for consent installed). Website visitors can obtain contact details such as telephone numbers, email address and social media links to contact Susanne Wiechert.

SuzanA Art Website

Data is gathered via the ‘Gallery Shop’ and Contact Page on – a simply set-up website with basic shop facility for the sale and delivery of therapeutic art; prints and other art products.

No financial information is held by as payment is handled via Paypal.

Visitors and Attendees to events 

If a visitor enters their details on an inquiry sheet requesting information; to book a complementary strategy session; service or to inquire about artwork or events to do with SuzanA Art and/or agrees to receive newsletters or communication from Energize ME or SuzanA Art, then basic information such as the following with be held:

Date added | Source (event / location) | Name | Email Address | Telephone number |

Organisation Name (if applicable) |Website Address (if a business) |Location (town)

Payment details

No financial information is held by, or
Payments are handled via Paypal, bank transfer or cash. If payment is made via bank transfer – only Energize ME bank details are provided as printed on invoices.

Who is collecting and managing the data?

Susanne Wiechert – via phone call, email or web contact form submission on the website and website.

Any communication in relation to the data stored to operate Energize ME or SuzanA Art, can be forwarded by email to Susanne Wiechert to:

How is your data used? 

Once I have received your enquiry I will contact you via phone or email as requested by you, and then we will go from there.  If you decide to use my services, I will store your data so that I can work professionally with you.

Data for Coaching, Complementary Health and Therapeutic Art for Individuals: 

The information that is collected and stored relating to you, is primarily used to enable the provision of Energize ME services to you.

  1. For the purposes of providing treatment, I may require detailed medical information. Only what is relevant and necessary for your treatment, will be collected. During your appointment, we will make notes which may include details concerning your medication, treatment and other issues affecting your health. This data is always held securely, is not shared with anyone. To be able to process your personal data it is a condition of any treatment that you give your explicit consent to allow the documentation and process of your personal medical data. Contact details provided by you such as telephone numbers, email addresses, postal addresses may be used to remind you of future appointments and provide reports or other information concerning your treatment or coaching programme.
  2. Marketing: information may also be used to provide you with information relating to Energize ME products or services. 
  3. Contractual: to meet Energize ME commitments to you.
  4. Websites: to notify you about any changes to and websites, such as improvements or service/product changes, that may affect the service you receive.
    If you are an existing customer, you may be contacted with information about goods and services similar to those which were the subject of a previous sale to you.
  5. Duration of holding of data: up to seven years if you have become a paying client who has received an invoice from Energize ME. Due to the laws governing financial records – basic information such as name, address and telephone contact details must be kept on record.
    Unless otherwise stipulated by you, if you have had a treatment plan or taken a coaching programme with Energize ME, more detailed information will still be kept separately on file for follow-through on any health plan that is put into place and to enable you, the customer to receive a service that is personal to you whereby you feel your coach / practitioner knows you well.

Data for Training and Experiential Learning Programmes for Organisations

Data collected will be basic, ie. full name of participants of programmes and management personnel of said participants, title, department in which they are working and work email address. Independent agreement between Energize ME and the organisation being served, in line with current data protection legislation will further define content of data being gathered, for what purposes and for how long.

Data stored for SuzanA Art

Data that is collected via, email or as a result of a telephone inquiry by you is for the purpose of the sale and delivery of artworks, taking commissions for paintings or the hiring of artwork for premises or events. In addition, for:

  1. Marketing: to provide you with information relating to SuzanA Art events or new products that may be of interest to you. 
  2. Website: to notify you about any changes to website, such as improvements or service/product changes. If you are an existing customer, you may be contacted with information about goods and services similar to those which were the subject of a previous sale to you.
  3. Duration: due to the nature of SuzanA Art – especially in relation to energy therapy pieces, whereby a piece of art was specifically purchased or hired to bring harmony, balance and energy into your environment, your data will be held for one year to enable follow-up and review of the experience you are having.

How you can update data held about you

If your data changes then please email or (ref art) with the data that requires amending and the new replacement information.

How you can remove yourself from the Energize ME or SuzanA Art database

Data used for the purposes of information sharing such as email, name, phone number and organisation can be deleted by emailing with the subject:
“Delete my data”. Please include the email address concerned. Your data will be removed within 10 days and you will not be emailed again.

Energize ME and SuzanA Art records will be kept in alignment with legislation requirements.

Where your data is stored

All data is stored in private folders created for Energize ME or SuzanA on Susanne Wiechert’s password-protected laptop computer (not shared), backed up to a personal datastick (kept under lock and key) and on Google Drive for additional backup and security.

And finally, a folder is created in the Energize ME or SuzanA Art email account for ease of communication.

Sharing of Data

Your data is never shared with any other organisation unless with your specific agreement.

Social Media 

If you send me a private or direct message via any of the social media platforms, I will store the message for three months. It will not be shared with any other organisations.  Social Media that you use may well track your viewing history but please be assured they are not sending your details to me.

Personal Testimonials

You may see testimonials on various social media platforms from individuals or organisations that have kindly written to me or written reviews on other sites which I manage (my Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn for example) These are kind, thoughtful and authentic words from those who have used my services. If you are also kind enough to write to me with a testimonial, I will be seeking YOUR permission to share your comments over my social media and website, as people respond to people…and the vast majority of my work comes through personal recommendation. 

Public and Professional Liability 

Should you wish to see these documents – you are most welcome to request this.


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