Therapeutic Art

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

Improving Mental and Physical Health through Art

Therapeutic art has a wonderful way of helping you to let go of deep-rooted emotions whilst becoming inspired and energized. It enables you to reduce stress and anxiety, gain clarity and discover new things about yourself. Using a combination of healing music, meditation and art materials, release what keeps bothering you without having to talk about it. Therapeutic art also comes in the form of paintings and prints that emit positive, relaxing and strengthening energy into your environment. Discover SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art and integrate it into your living or office space to bring about harmony, balance, connection.
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Calm and relaxation; quieting the mind; re-connection with self, building self-esteem, reducing pain; increased feelings of joy and fulfilment; good for all the family

Creative Expression

Say it With Colours and Shapes

Sometimes you have no words to describe how you are feeling – whether it’s physical, emotional or mental and you just want to find a way to let go. Perhaps you’ve tried ‘everything else’ and nothing has worked to alleviate those pains. Allow me to lead you to the profound and healing effects of expressive arts, the Energize Me way.


Experience It By Viewing It

To feel a shift in your energy; to calm and relax when stressed and anxious; to feel a surge of inspiration and motivation...if all you had to do was gaze into a painting, or be close to it... how awesome would that be? This is what SuzanA Intuitive, Visionary Art brings... “pieces that reach deep into your soul...” – Michelle G “...beautiful energetic representations beaming positivity and wisdom...” – Clarisse VK


Good For You, Good For The Family

Therapeutic art you can have on your own or with the family. Here’s something that the kids love too...creative expression in new and wondrous ways that de-stresses and improves wellbeing without them even realising that’s what it’s for! Share with me your current situation and I’ll help you to decide what may work best for you.

"Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life." – Pablo Picasso

Therapeutic Art

A selection of proven products with great benefits to treat those symptoms and get you started on your journey of transformation.

Express Yourself

Learning how to unwind, let go and work creatively, through issues that you don’t even have words for.
  • Stress and Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Loss of Identity
  • Therapeutic Art, Mindfulness
  • 90-minute sessions
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Individuals, Families, Children, Groups
  • Calm and Relaxation, Clarity and Focus, Re-Connection with Self, Self-Esteem, Joy

Integrate it into your living or office space

Art and art products that impart not only positive and strengthening energy but that bring about harmony, balance, connection and inspiration.
  • Stress and Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Loss of Identity
  • Energy Art, Intuitive & Visionary Art
  • In-person
  • Individuals and Organizations
  • Calm and Relaxation, Clarity and Focus, Release, Connection, Empowerment, Inspiration, Joy
My Mission


Through creative, inspiring and balanced guidance, I will help you to overcome stress and overwhelm and take you to a place of peace, power and resilience. You CAN achieve a harmony of working, parenting and living, by re-connecting to your true self and value.


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When your heart starts racing and your world feels like it’s caving in; when you wake up at night in a panic or your head is screaming in pain; when you’ve spent all your time looking after everyone else and there’s no time left for you… you want to know, that the person who says they can help you, knows what this all feels like!

You want to know that they found the answers and developed the expertise to truly guide you out of this frantic world to a place of inner-peace, balance, joy and finding you again.

So, I welcome you here with confirmation that I have indeed experienced and learned all that and more, and it brings me no greater pleasure than to guide and nurture you to the place you so long for.

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How It Works

Everything I do with you is for the ‘whole’ you – for you are body, mind and spirit all in one. Each of these I will nurture to help you achieve harmony and balance with peace, power and resilience for yourself.



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Creative Expression


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