Transformational Programmes

When ‘quick fixes’ are not enough


Your world is more than just what you see around you – it is what is inside you and how that plays out into your environment. So, you’ve decided you’re ready for transformation – you’ve had enough of the short-term fixes. They’ve served their purpose but it’s time for that big ‘shift’ – the bright and shining light at the end of the tunnel. 

You know that making positive, lasting change in your life will take time, effort and commitment. With this new dedication to self, you will reap the rewards of experiencing your own ‘becoming’ – the great ‘lightbulb moments’, desired behavioural changes and the kinds of results you’ve been longing for. All you need to ask yourself now is “how deep do I dive and how high can I rise”?

“Change is not a threat, it’s an opportunity. Survival is not the goal. Transformative success is.” - Seth Godin


Greater and more extensive long-term results of empowerment; connection; liberation; joy; inner-peace; resilience; energy and vitality; focus and productivity.

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Do It Yourself - with Support

Be inspired and uplifted with a message for mindful meditation and gratitude each morning for 7 weeks to gently ‘awaken’ your soul to greater connection, joy and inner-peace. This programme includes individualised responses to your personal questions, as you progress through the weeks.

Individual Or Group

For You Alone or With Others

Experience the transformative effects of any one of these programmes (as listed below) each delivering in its own unique way to bring you into balance with who you really are and what you most desire. Make it happen one-on-one or as part of a group; in person or virtually – the choice is yours. My free strategy consultation will give you great tools and techniques to take-away and help you decide which is best for you.


Need Support at Work?

Improving physical and mental well-being is key to being better equipped for changing demands in the workplace with the pressures of daily life – especially with current world trends! Allow me to help you cultivate a healthier working environment, whether you are team building from home or in the office! Book a free consultation to discuss your individual or team’s needs.

For Long-term Benefit

Transformational PROGRAMMES

When big change is the name of the game, look here or ask for the ‘tailored fit’!

Creating Peace, Power & Resilience

Taking you out of that hamster-wheel of stress and overwhelm into a work/life balance of inner-peace, empowerment and resilience.
  • Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Lack of Energy, Relationship Breakdowns, Loss of Identity
  • Mindfulness, Therapeutic Art, Neuroscience, Nutrition
  • 90 days
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Individuals and Groups - Private and Corporate
  • More Energy, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Resilience, Inner-Peace, Liberation


Feel refreshed in the mornings and excited for the new day with motivation and having rediscovered the things you love.
  • Lack of Energy, Poor Concentration, Loss of Identity & Purpose
  • Mindfulness, Meditation & Gratitude
  • 7 Weeks
  • E-Course
  • Individual: personal and through the workplace
  • More Energy, Inner-Peace, Self-Awareness, Concentration, Connection, Joy

Out of the Dark and Into the Light

When you know you want big change, it’s time to take-on the programme for a big transformation!
  • Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Lack of Energy, Relationship Breakdowns, Burnout, Loss of Identity
  • Mindfulness, Gratitude, Neuroscience, Nutrition
  • 6-12 months depending on schedule preference
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Individuals - Private and Corporate
  • More Energy, Self-Awareness, Empowerment, Resilience, Inner-Peace, Liberation

Three Keys For Peak Performance

Experiential learning programme for professionals wanting greater work/life balance for themselves and also for cultivating a healthier working environment.
  • Lack of Energy, Stress & Anxiety, Poor Concentration, Relationship Breakdowns
  • Mindfulness, Neuroscience, Nutrition, Therapeutic Art, Gratitude
  • 8 weeks x 90-minute sessions
  • In-person or Virtual
  • Individual/Group - Corporate
  • More Energy, Clarity and Focus, Mindfulness, Better Communication and Connection
My Mission


Through creative, inspiring and balanced guidance, I will help you to overcome stress and overwhelm and take you to a place of peace, power and resilience. You CAN achieve a harmony of working, parenting and living, by re-connecting to your true self and value.


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When your heart starts racing and your world feels like it’s caving in; when you wake up at night in a panic or your head is screaming in pain; when you’ve spent all your time looking after everyone else and there’s no time left for you… you want to know, that the person who says they can help you, knows what this all feels like!

You want to know that they found the answers and developed the expertise to truly guide you out of this frantic world to a place of inner-peace, balance, joy and finding you again.

So, I welcome you here with confirmation that I have indeed experienced and learned all that and more, and it brings me no greater pleasure than to guide and nurture you to the place you so long for.

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How It Works

Everything I do with you is for the ‘whole’ you – for you are body, mind and spirit all in one. Each of these I will nurture to help you achieve harmony and balance with peace, power and resilience for yourself.



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Creative Expression


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Change your life for THE better!

You’re here for a reason. It’s no accident that you ‘fell upon’ this portal.

My gift to you is a valuable strategy session with great ‘take-aways’ that will also help you to decide the right action for you to take thereafter. Be kind to yourself and take that first step!



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